First franchise school

Educational project of the consulting company Franchise Group for executives aimed at scaling a business

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About school

The first educational project in Ukraine and Eastern Europe that popularizes the culture of running a franchising business and develops the market through high profile training:

courses delivered
graduate school
Top speakers and market experts
learning blocks in the program

School benefits

Focus on preparing business for the development of the franchise
Analysis of real cases and business analysis of each participant
Individual practical advice to students in the classroom
The author's program is based on 10 years of experience of the Franchise Group
Business tours to facilities successfully developing franchising
Intensive work with top speakers and market experts
Opportunity to communicate and share experience with existing franchisors
Interactive learning format with games and practical tasks


Kozachuk Miroslava

Managing partner of Franchise Group

Petrenko Aleksandr

co-founder, director of development of the national network of natural products store “Eco-Shop”

Pereviznykh Nadezhda

Co-owner of PR Bar. Drink & Networking (Kiev), PR marketing specialist, practicing speaker and public woman.

Zarkhin Mark

Popular restaurateur and public man, founder of franchising in Ukraine, the owner of the network of pizzerias Celentano Ristorante.

Zablotskyy Yaroslav

The owner of TM International Group "Zablotskyy Clinic", he was the first who launch the dentists to franchising level

Borisov Dima

The owner and brand chef of the same-name restaurant network “Restaurant Family of Dima Borisov”

Borodina Lera

The successful businesswoman, author and co-owner of two fantastic projects Oh My Look! and express beauty service G-Bar

Ivashkiv Irina

Financial Director of Franchise Group

Antonenko Viktoriia

The lawyer of Franchise Group

Musatov Aleksandr

An expert in restaurant consulting, co-owner and managing partner of Restteam Company, co-owner of the restaurant “True Burger Bar”

Voronyuk Anton

Head of Internet Marketing Academy “WebPromoExperts”

Tkachenko Vitaliy

Sinkevich Katerina

Rogulsky Vadim

Pruchay Maxim

Gnatyuk Volodymyr

Franchise Start

Training in the author's program, which has no analogues in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

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After the course you can:

  • 01
    Create a franchise, understanding the whole process of work
  • 02
    Develop a strategy for building a franchise network
  • 03
    Explain the value of your franchise
  • 04
    Assess the attractiveness of your financial model for franchising
  • 05
    Negotiate and sell franchise
  • 06
    Create a portrait of franchisees and save time looking for partners
  • 07
    Explain what the franchisee owes you to pay the entrance fee and royalties
  • 08
    Pre-protect business from possible reputational problems
  • 09
    Monitor the network, despite the number of objects
  • 10
    Self-promote the franchise
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Learning format

days of intensive training: Thursday - Sunday
с 10:00 до 19:00
franchisors and experts for the course Franchise Start
business owners and group leaders
topics needed to understand franchising
evenings of success at franchise sites with business owners
practices - business analysis and case analysis
Cost of education:


1 / 7
Alexander Zmanovsky
For 19 years of participation in seminars and trainings, forums and conferences, I have seen a lot. But what Franchise Group created is a real thing. Anyone who wants to scale up their business correctly and without stupid mistakes, especially after the implementation of the management system, I recommend! Dear businessmen, you have two ways - to develop and not to develop. And development also has two ways - to develop hard or easy. And also two options - scale, right and fast or slow, with stupid mistakes and locally.
1 / 7
Alena Tsapyak
I am extremely glad that I got to school. I highlight the special energy charge of each speaker and team. Useful cases, theory with practical tasks, beautiful in terms of presentation design. Competent organization, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, for this special thanks! I really appreciate the comfort, and here everything was thought out to the maximum.
1 / 7
Anna Gontaruk
Many can teach how to run a business and make money! The first franchise school teaches the main thing - the culture of doing business! Sincere thanks for the knowledge, approach and special atmosphere.
1 / 7
Valentin Ivanov
It was worth it, even for an experienced franchiser like me. If you are only going to launch your franchise and become a franchiser, I recommend that you definitely take a four-day intensive course of the First School franchise! Experienced and professional speakers will share with you an invaluable experience that can save you a lot of time and money!
1 / 7
Svetlana Zaluzhnaya
Owners and top managers, find 4 days in your busy schedule to: Say: "Come on! They are also developing franchising?" Because, we underestimate the scale of franchising - as a model for business development in Ukraine; View from the outside on your business, processes, and team. What was not obvious, then decomposed on the shelves.
1 / 7
Julia Goryunova
The first franchise school is the perfect place to study! And the main thing is to learn not only business tools, but also how to treat your customers.
1 / 7
Sergey Chudinovich
This is a drive, emotions! Professionals and inspirers! You can write compliments for a very long time, but in fact I simply advise every entrepreneur to come to Franchise Start, to get unique knowledge and a lot of energy.
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